2014 Election Prediction Games

By | February 12, 2014
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A general election will be the next election for the 16th Lok Sabha in India. Voting will take place in all Parliamentary constituencies of India to elect members of Parliament in the Lok Sabha. The current 15th Lok sabha will complete its constitutional term on 31st May, 2014. Thus, it is assumed that the coming election is the most important and happening event in the sub-continent. Lots of predictions have already started regarding the election. Ministers and cadders are on their feet for promotion of their respective parties. Every Indian is waiting anxiously to know which party will come to power, and the gaming portals are making use of this advantage to launch various election prediction games.

A huge prediction is going on whether BJP led NDA or Congress led UPA will have the maximum seats. Prediction based questions are already been published on the net. The players are enjoying every bit of this anxiety. Lots of players are logging in these portals and submitting their answers.  This has led to a huge consumer engagement for the gaming portals. Another poll survey by CSDS and CNN-IBN has predicted the same general view as ABP news on the state level. It has predicted BJP’s majority in big states for example, BJP, according to the poll is going to win around 41 to 49 seats out of 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh, the state with highest number of Lok Sabha seats. The polls also conveyed that Modi seems to be the fair choice of the people with 53% respondents, acknowledging him. Varied questions are being formed based on these analyses. It has captured the entire population to play these games.

We all know that the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate is Narendra Modi but the Congress party is yet to announce its Prime Ministerial candidates however it is being guessed that Rahul Gandhi, the Vice President of Indian National Congress would lead for the same. The image of Congress has become lousy, encircled by corruption and slacked economic growth. On the other hand, people have high hopes from BJP’s PM candidate, Narendra Modi. The most common question is whether Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi will become the Prime Minister and what steps they would take to lead India.

It’s high time for the players to win as many prizes as well as the organizers and sponsors of these games to earn huge revenue. Lots of interesting rewards are announced for the winners. May is not far, a few more months and we know what the political reality is.

Courtesy :- Foreseegame.com

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