Arunachal Pradesh Do You Know Your Neta ?

There will be Loksabha Election in Arunachal Pradesh in 9th April 2014 but question is that doest Arunchal Pradesh know how much Money their Neta have or How many criminal cases Pending on them, what is the age of the candidates and from which party they belongs too, How educated they are etc etc…………. Don’t… Read More »

16th Lok Sabha Election….the biggest battle of the country!

“Election” – the word emphasizes and represents the power of a common man’s opinion, wish and covet for the better prospect of his/her country as well as his/her own prosperity. It is always said and believed that a good Leader can always lead to opulence. The 16th Lok Sabha Election is going to be held… Read More »

NAMO: The Choice of Digital India – by Foreseegame

It’s time for The Mandate once again! 2014 Lok Sabha election is Few months away and this election will be remembered in future as the most important election in current times. India will be a 67 year old democracy in 2014. It is still very young but a well-placed democracy since Independence. After two consecutive… Read More »